The Payakapuram police and the Task Force sleuths arrested rowdy sheeter Khal Nayak alias Katta Venugopal on the charge of abetting the suicide of a destitute couple in the New Rajarajesweripet area recently.

The police are also charging him with pickpocketing at a city hospital in the Pushpa Hotel area a few days ago and also at other places in the recent months.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (West zone) T. Hari Krishna said the rowdy sheeter was arrested after he was found to have been one of the main reasons for the suicide of the couple and evidence was also being gathered about Khal Nayak's attempt to pickpocket a patient. The rowdy sheeter's efforts to escape punishment by inflicting self-injuries to show that unknown persons had attacked him were just a gimmick and action was being taken against him for causing trouble to the public, the ACP said.

The police said that earlier two persons were arrested and sent to remand in connection with the suicide of Mindala Daveedu, 35, and his 28-year-old wife. The couple took pesticide and died on the road in the presence of the public on September 21. After that, the police arrested a pawn broker and a house agent for bringing undue pressure on the couple.

However, based on information gathered during the investigation, the police also started suspecting the involvement of Khal Nayak as he was stated to be frequenting the couple's house. Local people informed the police that the rowdy sheeter abused the woman and caused misery to the couple.

ACP Hari Krishna said further investigation was being continued into instances of pickpocketing committed by Khal Nayak and his wife at various places in the city. The rowdy sheeter evaded arrest for three days by hiding at various locations but he was caught after committing an offence at the cardiac hospital two days ago.