Consultation is not free, but patients can see an MBBS doctor for the rock-bottom fee of just Rs.20. Members of the Rotary Club of Vijayawada (Midtown) have established the Mid Town Rotary Hospital, which is just a clinic, in the slum area of Kedareswarapet.

Vijayawada West MLA Vellampalli Srinivas inaugurated the Rotary Clinic and also the Mid Town Rotary Pharmacy which sells all drugs at a 30 per cent discount.

Former president of Rotary Club of Vijayawada (Midtown) G. Niyanta said it was a novel community project the club had come up with. The club would raise the funds needed for paying salary to the staff required for operating the clinic and giving discounts on the medicine.

The 30 per cent discount was available to all who want to purchase medicines from the Rotary Pharmacy, Mr Niyanta said.

The club would also conduct free health camps where it would invite specialists to screen patients free of charge once in a while, he said.

Attached to the clinic and the medical shop is a purified water sale counter. Water purified using a reverse-osmosis unit is sold on a non-profit basis, Mr Niyanta said.

The club also conducted a mega medical camp at a municipal school nearby school on the occasion.

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