Seminar on “Decoding the Vedas'' held

The six Darsanas entrenched in Indian Philosophy are key to understanding Vedic Literature, Professor at University of Hyderabad, Korada Subrahmanyam said here on Sunday.

Speaking at a national seminar on , “Decoding the Vedas,'' held at Sri Venkateswara Swamy Devasthanam here, Dr. Subrahmanyam said that though Vedas might have lost their role as a treasure-trove of ‘Vijnana,', there has been a renewed interest among some scholars to unravel scientific realities in the Vedic Literature and make them beneficial for man kind.

Giving a panoramic view of the six systems of Indian Philosophy, he said that they were found to be useful in decoding the Vedic texts like- Mimamsa, Vedanta, Samkhya, Yoga, Nyana and Vaisesika.

The two-day seminar saw some professors from outside India sharing their views on Vedic Literature.

Arun Kumar Upadhyay from Cuttack said that Homeopathy as a system of medicine was derived from Vedas. He said that German physician Samuel Hahnemann started Homeopathy after study of various sciences and all ancient languages including Sanskrit.

In 1802-1821, six volumes of Organon of Rational Medicine were published, which source of Homeopathy was till today.

Earlier, members of temple committee, Ch. Mastanayya and Gadde Tulasamma recalled the glorious contribution of Vedas, Upanishads in maintaining the harmony in the society.

Senior journalist Dasari Chandrasekhar was also present.