Though the occasion was solemn the bonhomie amongst the Congress leaders who met here for a condolence meeting was evident and irrepressible. Vijayawada Central MLA Malladi Vishnu who enjoyed a father-son relationship with former Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy stated that a condolence meeting would be held every month to pay homage to the great leader for one whole year.

Meeting two months after the death of Reddy the party leaders seemed to have come to terms with the tragic event. They seemed happy to get-together notwithstanding the sombre occasion and greeted one another with smiles. But the photographers covering the event had to wait patiently for the leaders to wipes the smiles of their faces to record the event.

Eyeing for something big

Leaders at the lower rungs often come out with their own small demands in various ways to claim their share of power. While operating within their respective areas of specialisation, these leaders leave no stone unturned in finding ways to strengthen their positions.

For instance, Jala Spandana vice-president Alla Venkata Gopalakrishna now seeks greater power and responsibility for Water Users’ Associations at the State level. As of now, these associations are relevant locally only. So, some seats should be allotted for presidents of Water Users’ Associations in the next elections for Legislative Council, demands Jala Spandana leader. It is argued that the local body representatives are already enjoying this privilege, just like teachers.

Hence, the urgency to involve and engage, Water Users’ Associations presidents in the higher legislative bodies. They continue to raise such demands at every forum regardless of whether there will be any immediate benefits or not.

Health secret

That aerobic guru Dinaz is made of sterner stuff came to fore during the medical tests conducted during the breaks after every four hours of exercise during her record-breaking feat on Sunday in city. Despite the strain and exhaustion, Dinaz maintained blood pressure of 110/70. Even her pulse rate was normal.

Many doctors felt that this was possible only by a person who leads a disciplined life. “Dinaz body, mind and soul in sync and she could achieve this feat owing to her dedicated pursuit of aerobics, meditation and balanced diet,” said Dr. Chadalavada Nageswara Rao, member of the organising committee.

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