Special prayers offered for North Eastern States victims on the occasion

The month-long fasting observed by Muslims came to an end with the Muslim community celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr here on Monday.

At the celebrations, Muslims gathered in large numbers at Gymkhana Grounds, Gandhiji High School in One Town and at Eidga at Chitti Nagar. Scores of Muslims offered ‘Namaz-e-Eid’ at mosques to mark the end of the fast month of Ramzan. Special ‘duas’, prayers of supplication, for the Muslims of Assam marked the namaz.

The imams urged the Muslims to come forward to help their brethren, who were living in miserable conditions in the relief camps.

Masjid-e-Quba organised the prayers at Gymkhana Grounds wherein a huge banner of Mecca was the biggest attraction. On the occasion, Moulana Abdul Wahed Madani explained the importance of Ramzan. The Islam professes peace and universal brotherhood, and would never accept the bloodshed and violence. The Holy Quran, a guiding lamp to all human beings, was revealed during the month of Ramzan, he said.

Mr. Madani said many misconceptions regarding the Muslims were ruling the roost. The Muslims need to dispel the wrong notions and apprehensions that people have with their deeds and behaviour.

The children and women participated in large numbers to offer the prayers. Telugu Desam Party State executive secretary K. Nagul Meera and others offered prayers at the grounds.

Movement for Peace and Justice and Welfare Party of India has put up banners urging the people to support the victims of violence in Assam and other North Eastern states.

They wanted the people to donate liberally to the victims who lost their homes and livelihood due to the violence.

Before leaving for prayers, Muslims paid 'fitra', an annual compulsory charity paid by the head of the family on behalf of all family members under his care, so that the poor could also celebrate the festival.

The communal harmony was witnessed at mosques, and Eidgahs as the people of different religious beliefs reached there to greet the Muslims.

Id al-Fitr was celebrated with religious fervor across the district.

Hundreds gathered at the mosques where the religious priests gave sermons on the importance of leading a virtuous life. In Guntur, hundreds assembled at the Idgah at Nagarampalem to offer prayers. Minister for Agriculture Kanna Lakshminarayana too offered prayers. It was a sight see to see people hugging and sharing their joy on the festive occasion.

At the Marqas Mosque in One Town, the biggest in the town, people assembled since morning to offer prayers. In Narsaraopet, Moulana Shahid Raja delivered the religious sermon at the Idgah in Prakash Nagar.

Id was celebrated with gusto at Tenali, Chilakaluripet, Sattenapalli, Bapatla and Ponnur. At the end of the prayers, families assembled in their homes to have the customary feast. Shops and commercial establishments remained closed on the day.

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