Technical panel asks VMC to repair the plant by filling it with filter media

The Vijayawada Municipal Corporation will revive the Ramalingeswara Nagar 10 MGD water plant that sank one side (tilted) by about one and a half feet in 2010. It might be fully functional within a week.

The Government Technical Committee suggested to the VMC to repair the plant by filling it with filter media within a week. The officials have decided to cover the suction chamber with the media (graded sand and pebbles). The filter media will cost Rs. 4.90 lakh. Two new 180 HP motors were erected at a cost of Rs.30 lakh.

The VMC used to supply only 6 MGD from the plant though the installed capacity is 10 MGD and only 2.5 MGD after the well sank/tilted, but with the change in filter media it is likely to be used to its full capacity. Nine reservoirs under this plant supply water to more than 3 lakh people in Patamata, Krishna Lanka, and Ayyappa Nagar.

The Corporation has been using 9 submersible pumps with different capacities to avoid tremors due to running of 180 HP motors.

The 180 HP motors even pumped out sand along with water. The committee suggested use of filter media to avoid sand blow out.

The technical team comprised Irrigation Chief Engineer, Hyderabad Metro Works CE, an IIT Professor, and VMC CE. Earlier, there were many suggestions, including bailing out of sand and constructing a concrete base again.

The collection well of the plant sank on one side in 2010 on September 19. Huge cracks developed around the well, sending officials into jitters. The water treatment plant was built at Rs.9.7 crore and commissioned in 2005. The foundation stone for the treatment plant was laid in 1999.


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