Abundant water level at Atapaka Birds Sanctuary in Kolleru Lake has revived the hope for tackling scorching summer, to promise idyllic conditions and provide feed for the avian guests. Above all, availability of maximum water level on the sanctuary premises is likely to curb the number of birds that are becoming prey to poachers in summer.

In the absence of sufficient water and fish feed in the lake, the Pelicans are forced to move out in search of the day’s food, during which invisible hunter poses a major threat for their safe return to the lake. Atapaka Birds Sanctuary authorities said that the number of Pelicans and other migratory birds which are not returning to their home and making the lake their permanent home has been significantly increasing and thus maintenance of the water level was felt need of the hour in summer.

The incessant rainfall recorded in the last week has brought good rainwater into the lake through several canals, helping it maintain the six feet depth on the sanctuary premises. “The rain helps us everyway, from filling up the lake to raising quantity of the fish in it. It largely avoided tension of drawing water into the Lake,” In-Charge DFO (Wildlife Management) S.K. Kalillullah told The Hindu.

Last summer, the authorities had to divert water from Polraju Drain into the sanctuary portion of the lake to facilitate safe conditions for the migratory birds. The lake had dried up in 2012 summer and fish in thousands died.. Of late, and one could find flocks of Pelicans, Painted Stork and Asian Open Bill Stork – at the sanctuary despite Phailin cyclone or rains due to North East monsoon , said the officials.