The rain leads to water-logging in many localities causing hardship to the people

The heavy rain that lashed the city on Monday inundating low-lying areas threw life out of gear. Though it was cloudy from the early hours, rain poured at around 8.30 a.m. forcing the people to rush for a cover.

Despite unremitting showers, it was life as usual for the people who went about their daily chores. There were no heavy crowds on roads but they were not deserted either. The office-goers had a tough time as they had to wade through ankle deep water.

The rain led to water-logging in many localities causing hardship to the people. Many roads turned into water pools. Main roads, including Eluru Road, Pinnamaneni Polyclinic Road, Tickkle Road and Mogalrapuram junction were flooded causing severe inconvenience to two and four wheeler drivers.

The rain caused plenty of flooding in many parts of the city including One Town, Payakapuram, Ajitsingh Nagar, Pipula Road and Moghalrajpuram.

Rain caught many people unawares. Many two-wheelers and even four-wheelers had to wait for long time as the streets were flooded with rainwater. Public services were disrupted.


Within no time, the water-logging was seen in parts of the city like One Town, Mogalrajapuram, Tikkle Road, Chuttugunta and along Route No.5. The incomplete road and drainage works in many parts of the city added to the chaos. The localities such as Kedareswarapeta, Giripuram, Polyclinic road, some parts of Payakapuram, and other low-lying areas were inundated causing hardship to many families.

A sheet of water carpeted the entire road near Patamata, Benz Circle, D.V. Manor, and Swaraj Maidan.

The lining of the drain raised to about half a foot above the road level proved to be a hindrance to the free flow of rainwater into the drain. The discharge holes provided for the drain too were above the road level.

Though Poly Clinic Road became an alternative for the Bandar Road traffic, the civic authorities did precious little to maintain it in a good condition.

Half the traffic would divert from Bandar Road during busy hours and use this road to reach Ring Road and Patamata.

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