Sunday brought yet another muggy morning to the city. An unforgiving sun beat down upon an increasingly unhappy populace making it fume and frown. The blue expanse of the sky was like a broiling sea with not a white cloud about.

Trees withered under the dry heat as they stood like giants, with their heads bowed, for a sign of respite which seemed a long way coming.

The hot sun became hotter in the past few days with the mercury shooting up, and the temperature hovering around 40 degrees Celsius.

As the hot afternoon melted into evening, dark clouds appeared as if from nowhere! Strong gales with the accompanying clap of thunder announced the much-awaited arrival of rain, and before anybody could predict what would happen next, the sky grew dark and a cool wind began to blow.

The atmosphere became heavy and drops of water began to fall.

Soon the heavens opened up and it poured.

Children squealed in delight every time a bolt of lightning struck somewhere nearby.

On the roads, the rain burst sent people scurrying for cover while people who were indoors savoured the cool breeze and the sound of lightning and rain.

Welcome showers

A spell of showers brought much-needed relief to people reeling under the sweltering summer heat here.

The rainfall, under the impact of cyclonic storm Mahasen, brought the temperatures down. Though the rain lasted for just 10-15 minutes, it had its impact.

Showers were reported in parts of Palnadu too. The rain was accompanied by strong gales but no damage was reported so far in the district.


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