Active Bicyclers’ Association to encourage apartment owners to set up biogas plants that run on waste

The Active Bicyclers’ Association has chalked out a project for effective use of garbage generated in the city. On a pilot basis, the project will be implemented at Currency Nagar from February.

Association founder and general secretary V. Satyanarayana said the garbage would be segregated at source. Apartments owners would be encouraged to take up biogas plants that run on waste. The bio-waste would be utilised to manufacture manure in the open places located in that locality if no apartment was willing to take up the biogas plants, he said, adding similar exercise was being carried out in neighbouring towns such as Tenali successfully.

The dry waste would be sold to the recycling units. And the revenue thus generated would be used to pay the salaries of workers involved in the collection of the garbage, he said.

Five pushcarts and dustbins were required to implement the project. It was estimated that Rs.50,000 was required to go ahead with the proposal, and the association would seek the help of philanthropists.

The local elders decided to launch the project by contributing Rs. 1,000 each if no philanthropist came forward, he said.

An awareness meet in this regard was organised a couple of weeks ago with the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation officials. However, there was no initiative in that direction.

The segregation of waste at source would reduce the burden on transportation cost. Corporation officials, however, were inclined to transport all the garbage.

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