How quickly is water absorbed by the ground? How does one measure soil infiltration rates? The speed with which groundwater gets recharged depends on the soil infiltration rates. These were the topics discussed at the G.V.R.Sastry Park where the Krishna district Groundwater Department conducted demonstrations on Thursday. Students and faculty of the V.R.Siddhartha Engineering College learnt about the Double Ring Infiltrometer Test used by the Groundwater Department to measure soil infiltration rates.

Groundwater deputy director A.Varaprasada Rao said that various technical aspects about groundwater were being taught to engineering students as part of the Yuvatha-Jala Bhavitha(YJB)programme initiated by the Krishna district groundwater department.

Mr Rao talking to The Hindu said that youth constitute 50 per cent of the population and the target of YJB was to promote awareness on water conservation and management by conducting 100 youth enlightenment seminars (YES) in engineering and degree colleges.

Interested students would form the WAY (water aware youth) and spread the message of water conservation. Seminars have already been conducted in 16 colleges and 3,803 students have been transformed into WAY. These students have been formed into 13 groups to spread the message.

The ultimate goal of the YJB was to generate 2 lakh water aware youth in the district. Each student should tell another two students about water conservation as part of the “think blue, tell two” movement.

“YJB has even inspired research scholars and students of some colleges to take up research projects in water conservation,” he said.

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