Science exhibitions conducted in majority of the schools are of little use to inspire students to understand the scientific principles behind the projects they proudly display on their campus.

Efftronics Systems Private Limited came up with a summer programme for children of its own employees to create scientific temperament among those studying between classes 2 and 10. The two-week programme drew tremendous response from them with about 40 children enthusiastically participating in it.

Ask any student about Global Warming and a blank face may be the answer you will get, but pat came the answer from this group. Every student put the answer in his/her own way on the damage ‘We human beings’ were causing to the Ozone Layer leading to the heating up of the atmosphere on the earth. Ch. Ravishankar from Narayana E Techno School said increased emission of Carbon Dioxide and CFCs from refrigerators was allowing UV rays.

Efftronics Managing Director D. Rama Krishna, a votary of developing innovative thinking among students, told The Hindu that schools did not provide sufficient exposure. The students were trained on how to solder electronic components on the premises of the Efftronics in Vijayawada, while the staff there explained the utility in present-day life. They were taken on a visit of four different industries in the city beginning with INCAP – a unit manufacturing capacitors. A ninth standard student Jyotsna of NSM Public School explained in detail the process of manufacturing and testing of the capacitors.

She also liked the Vilan Cotton Textiles unit where different kinds of hosiery and other garments were being manufactured. Better Casting was their next destination where they learnt different aspects of iron casting. Finally they got first-hand information on how the books are printed, laminated and note books prepared, which was the most-interesting.

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