‘At least Rs 5 crore was embezzled in purchase of vehicles under JNNURM scheme’

The Communist Party of India – Maxist (CPM) has demanded a probe into alleged abuse of Vijayawada Municipal Corporation funds and “corruption” in the VMC vehicle depot.

CPI(M) city secretary Ch.Babu Rao, along with other leaders of the party and members of the media, visited the vehicle depot on Saturday.

He said that crores of rupees were being utilised for vehicles, but none of the vehicles was being utilised for the proper purpose.

He said Rs 18.25 crore had been spent for purchase of 11 vehicles in 2010-12. Most of these vehicles had been listed as condemned.

He said 77 vehicles had been purchased at a cost of Rs 15.87 crore drawn under the JNNURM scheme. Most of these vehicles were lying idle without proper utilisation, Mr Babu Rao said.

He alleged that at least Rs 5 crore had been embezzled while purchasing vehicles under the JNNURM scheme. Besides, at least Rs 2 crore was being embezzled from funds allocated for fuel, Mr Babu Rao alleged.

The coffers of the municipal corporation had become empty, notwithstanding the collection of Rs 9 crore by way of garbage tax from the public.

Mr Babu Rao said by eradicating corruption the burden on the public could be reduced drastically.

While 160 vehicles were required just for sanitation nearly 90 of these vehicles had been condemned, Mr Babu Rao said.

He said the vehicles used by officials were repaired within hours, but the vehicles required for public use were becoming condemned because there was nobody to repair them. While there were only 40 dumper bin needed for sanitation, seven of them were in a very bad shape forcing staff to condemn them, Mr Babu Rao said.

He said funds had been embezzled in the purchase of drain-desilting tankers. One unit had been purchased for each sanitation circle in the city.

At least Rs 2 crore must have been embezzled in the purchases; Mr Babu Rao said and demanded an inquiry into the management of the vehicle depot.

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