Only 22 of the total 283 private medical clinics in Krishna district have registered themselves with the government.

Only 117 hospitals of the total 219 that have bed strength of 10 to 200 each have completed the formality. In the case of diagnostic laboratories, the registration figure stood at a poor 10 out of the total 126.

Highlighting this at a review meeting with the district medical and health authorities, representatives of Indian Medical Association, Andhra Pradesh Nursing Homes Association and others on Thursday, district Collector Peeyush Kumar asked the officials to complete the registration of all clinics, hospitals and diagnostic laboratories by the end of August and submit a report to him. He made it clear that any clinic, hospital or laboratory that extends allopathic services was duty bound to register itself.

The Collector said that a total amount of Rs.21,87,500 was due from the nursing homes and clinics towards registration, but only Rs.6,35,000 was collected.

Explaining the importance of registration, Mr. Peeyush Kumar said that registration gives confidence to people to undergo treatment in any hospital. It would also ensure that in the case of any negligence in treatment, a heavier fine could be levied and accountability could be ensured.

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