At the end of a long wait, he finally made an appearance. True to his image in his latest slick action thriller ‘Prince', he wowed the audience with his genial disposition.

After lying low for a while, Vivek Oberoi is returning with a vengeance in producer Kumar Taurani's mega ambitious thriller ‘Prince'. “Emandi baagunnara? nenu koncham koncham Telugu nerchukuntunnanu… I am learning Telugu for my next film ‘Rakthacharitra' by Ram Gopal Varma,” he said to the surprised reporters at a press conference on Wednesday.

“Prince is a complete entertainer. It has a tremendous potential for action scenes. We did not want the huge audience in Telugu and Tamil language films to feel left out and so we decided to offer the film to these two sections of audiences in their respective languages,” he said amidst applause.

Claiming tremendous public response, he said the promos had created a buzz across the country. The biggest highlight of the film, according to him, was that the makers had not used any dupe or stuntmen to shoot the dare-devilry sequences. “Whether it is a scene where I hang from a helicopter soaring at a height of 8,000 feet from the ground or jumping from one building to the other, all of it has been done by me,” he declared with a sense of pride.

Vivek Oberoi will be seen romancing three beautiful ladies in the film, one of them being the British actor Aruna Shields, who makes her Bollywood debut with this film. It also features Nandana Sen and Neeru Singh. “The storyline of Prince revolves around a ‘pedda donga'…” he said, smiling. “He is one who can steal anything from anywhere. The film is all about what happens when he is robbed of his memory thanks to a gunshot on his arm. To add to his woes, he has three hot and beautiful girls hovering around him and claiming to be his girlfriend ‘Maya'.”

Director Kukie Gulati, music composer Sachin Gupta and Simran of Tips Films were also present. Vivek Oberoi persuaded the shy Sachin Gupta to sing a few lines of a song from the Telugu version of the movie.