After a brief lull of two months, the power cuts are back and consumers should now brace themselves for outages of increasing durations in the coming months. As of now, the scheduled power cut for the city is two hours a day to be implemented in two spells.

Initially, Vijayawada city and district headquarters were exempted from the power cut. However, due to steep rise in the demand for power, both city and district HQs were brought under power cut gambit. The power authorities blame it on steep fall in the generation, and rise in agricultural sector consumption. There is a fall in hydel power generation due to decrease in inflows at Srisailam. Overhauling of the thermal units also upped the ante.

A further rise in the power cut is on cards as the khariff operations will touch their peak by September 15. As of now, not even 60 per cent agricultural works were completed. As the industrial sector is exempted from the power cuts, the domestic consumers will have to bear the brunt. The domestic sector will have to face more power cuts if the mandatory power supply to agriculture sector were to be met, the officials say.

Peak consumption

There are more than 74,500 agricultural connections in the district consuming 2.5 MU, on average, per day. It touches 3 MU during peak season. In addition, the power consumption has increased considerably with farmers largely depending on borewells to take up the agricultural operations, officials say. The power consumption touched 10.04 MU in Vijayawada on Saturday.

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