Power is supplied at the cheapest rate in Andhra Pradesh to industrial and domestic consumers despite several hurdles in generation and evacuation of purchased power, 20-Point Programme Implementation Committee Chairman N. Tulasi Reddy has said.

At a press conference in Vijayawada on Thursday, he Mr. Reddy said that power was being supplied to the industries (HT Connection) at Rs.5.44 per unit, while Karnataka gave at Rs.5.89, Maharashtra at Rs.7.49, Tamil Nadu Rs.7.32, Madhya Pradesh at Rs.6.09 and Gujarat was the only State supplying at a lower rate than A.P.

In the LT Connection Category AP was supplying power at Rs.7.10 per unit, Karnataka Rs.744, Maharashtra at Rs.9.78, Tamil Nadu at Rs.7.64 and MP at Rs.6.67 per unit.

Describing the APERC as a quasi-judicial body, Mr. Reddy said that the Government also did not have control over the body as it conducts public hearing on the proposals for hike in power tariff submitted by the distribution companies. The State Government gives Rs.6,500 crore of subsidy on power and after the matter comes to the Government, it will take a view on what to do, he said.

If the Krishnapatnam power unit begins generation, it will add 1,600 MW and rains from June could begin another 4,000 MW of hydel power, which will ease the power situation, Mr. Reddy added.


It’s just a proposal: Chief MinisterJanuary 13, 2013