Even after quitting from politics, former Vijayawada MP Lagadapati Rajagopal has not quit being a psephologist. He has come out with a poll survey for the counting of general elections which is going to be held on Friday.

Mr Rajagopal released the poll survey conducted by “R.G’s” FLASH team, Eluru, in a well attended press conference in Hyderabad. Mr Rajagopal over the years has become famous for several poll surveys which have been conducted for him by the FLASH Team.

The poll survey for the Karimnagar and Bobbili byelection in 2005 brought instant fame to Mr Rajagopal and R.G.’s FLASH Team after the results were announced. The results for the byelections conducted after the TRS MLAs resigned in 2008 also made people sit up and notice Mr Rajagopal’s poll surveys.

When the media asked for the expansion of R.G., Mr Rajagopal, on Wednesday, refused to do so. . He, however, gave reporters three options. “You may think it is Rahul Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi or Raja Gopal. That is up to you, but it is R.G.’s FLASH Team,” he insisted in the press conference . While the expansion of R.G. continues to be a mystery the expansion of FLASH has turned out to be Forum for Legal Ambulance Social & Health Services. FLASH Team founder Y.Srinivas, talking to The Hindu said that R.G.’s FLASH Team conducted several polls surveys all over the country and “90 per cent of the survey reports tallied with the original (actual) results.” The FLASH Team conducted polls surveys for the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation polls in 2005, Gujarat Assembly polls in 2006, General elections in the State and the Centre in 2009 and various Assembly polls in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

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