Wall writings set the election mood in the city

Even before the election bugle is sounded, election graffiti has begun appearing on public spaces and civic infrastructure. Wall writings of politicians aspiring to contest the polls have been greeting the people in some parts of the city like Satyanarayanapuram and adjoining areas.

The defacement of walls with writings, vinyl posters and other graffiti is setting the election mood. Not just public walls but private houses and walls have been used for pasting and painting posters and slogans.

New entrants into the field

Interestingly, those who have come up with wall writings or vinyl hoardings and posters have either joined political parties very recently or made their presence felt with writings such as ‘Amirneni Rajeev ki maddatu ivvandi’. ‘Mana pillala bhavishyattuki BJP ni gelipinchandi’, ‘Central niyojakavargam (Support Amirneni Rajeev, Vote for BJP for better future of our children, Central constituency). And, not to mention the constituencies in-charges have booked the walls with their writings in a similar fashion.

Those who joined bandwagon include YSR Congress leaders Jaleel Khan, P. Gowtham Reddy, BJP leaders Vuppalapati Srinivasa Raju and Umamaheswara Raju, TDP leaders Kesineni Srinivas (Nani) and Gadde Ramohan Rao and others.

Prominent metaphor

The writings on the walls are a metaphor, particularly during election campaigns. Politicians consider it their democratic right to write on the walls to take their candidature into the public. But the graffiti also seems to be an art. TDP Vijayawada (Central) in-charge Bonda Umamaheswara Rao went ahead and announced election manifesto on a bridge on Ryve’s Canal near Vijaya talkies. Mr. Rao touched upon the most burning issue—subsidised LPG cylinder, and made a promise that the TDP would provide gas cylinder at Rs. 430, old age pensions, pucca houses to the poor, etc.

Mr. Gadde Rammohan’s followers have come up with huge wall writings near Benz Circle and Siddhartha Mahila Kalasala on Bandar Road. Mr. Nani’s hoardings are seen near Benz Circle and other areas.

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