+10 approach roads in Krishna Lanka to be closed

The city police will close 10 approach roads in Krishna Lanka in view of increasing fatal accidents occurring between Pandit Nehru Bus Station (PNBS) and Kanaka Durga Varadhi on National Highway No.9.

There are 32 approach roads on the Krishna Lanka stretch connecting the service road and the National Highway 9. Of these, 10 roads will be closed shortly and a plan has been readied.

The city police have written a letter to the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) asking them to close the roads to reduce the fatalities.

The proposed roads include 2nd and 3{+r}{+d} roads from the varadhi; approach road to Krishna Lanka after American Hospital; road opposite Vamsi Digital Photo Studio; road near Bandar Lakulu, i.e., Noosetti Venkateswara Rao Street; road in front of Srirama Traders; and road opposite Apsara Lodge near the Pandit Nehru Bus Station .

The police found that vehicle users need to drive at maximum possible speed to motor up the national highway through the sloped approach road from the service road. Unable to control their vehicle as soon as they join the highway, they were hitting the vehicles on the highway.

These incidents were resulting in fatal accidents, says Police Commissioner N. Madhusudhan Reddy.

First phase

“In the first phase, 10 roads that are most vulnerable will be closed. Depending upon the necessity, some more roads will be closed. We are working in close coordination with other agencies such as the National Highways Authority of India,” he says.

Police records have registered 78 deaths since 2008 under the Krishna Lanka police station under which the PNBS -Varadhi- Skew Bridge stretch falls.

In addition, 112 injuries and 76 fatal injuries cases have been reported from 2008 till date. Many of the deceased are either cyclists or motor cyclists.

The death of pedestrians has also figured in good number.

Most of the accidents occurred because of lorries. As many as 22 deaths are due to lorries and an equal number due to unidentified vehicles. Hit-and-run cases are high as their number touched 20. The number of deaths due to RTC buses is eight. Self accidents – hitting road divider, skidding etc.— have resulted in death of six persons.