The number of accidents on the National Highway No.5 and No.9 passing through the city has been on the rise for various reasons at Payakapuram, Ramavarapupadu and Penamaluru, which has become a cause of concern for the police.

Commissioner of Police N. Madhusuhana Reddy on Sunday made a survey of all the stretches that were prone to accident mainly due to jaywalking on the National Highway No.5 with the iron railing/barricading on the median at Ramavarapupadu breached at several places. “People have been walking across the road at any place slowing down the traffic flow and at times putting their own lives at risk,” said Mr. Reddy.

He sent a letter to the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) seeking its immediate action in constructing the iron grills on the median at all places that were in place earlier and a few places, where it was essential to curb accidents. At Krishnalanka, and Penamaluru also median had to be constructed and at some places on the Bandar Road where such barricading was required was also identified.

In the wake of the recent trend of road races by bikers at Payakapuram, and Penamaluru, cases have been booked and the police have even threatened to open history-sheets against some of them to curb the trend among the youth. One of the measures taken for reducing the speed was zigzag barricading, painting on the road, and putting hurdles at key points.

The number of signal points on the Bandar Road had been slowing down the traffic with a number of openings in the median.

The police had closed some of them, but it was reviewed on Sunday in the presence of local Circle Inspectors and Traffic Assistant Commissioner of Police AV Ramana. At the NTR Circle where the VMC had taken up some drain works, a new right turn has been allowed through the old P&T Colony and the police requested the corporation to finish the work at the earliest.

At some locations the large blocks put on the median had been removed and at others their size has been reduced.

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