The town based SR and BGNR Government Degree College, which is endowed with a rich cultural heritage, has mooted an ambitious plan to treasure and showcase its unique possession of megalithic monuments situated on the sprawling campus of the institution here.

Megalithic monuments of historical significance were noticed within the campus of the college in the past. The subject experts have already identified these monuments as stone circles and concluded that they form a part of the world wide megalithic culture. However, some of the megaliths situated on the campus were destroyed due to lack of awareness about their presence and importance in the past.

In this backdrop, the history department of the college has conducted a scientific study of the monuments under the supervision of Prof K. P. Rao of University of Hyderabad in an attempt to preserve the record for posterity.

The GPS mapping aided study has revealed that the campus contained more than 20 megaliths including some of them in a damaged condition scattered randomly across the campus. The history department has conducted a surface study of the megaliths in our college campus to document the monuments and train the students in documentation methods, said the college principal S. Madhava Rao. Speaking to The Hindu, he said, the survey has revealed that the monuments in the campus have the features comparable to megaliths found in other parts of South India or even the World.

He said the report highlighted the need for taking up further intensive studies like archaeological excavations to understand the culture of the ancient communities and promote the glorious cultural heritage of the bygone era.

“We have received positive response from the Archaeology Department of Central University, Hyderabad, for extending guidance to enable the history department take up similar studies,” he said.

Mr Rao said that efforts were underway to impress upon the government agencies concerned the need for scientific exploration of the monuments and their preservation as well as exhibition for the benefit of the future generations.

The students of the history department of the college have earlier discovered a megalithic site dating back to more than 3,000 years under the guidance of Prof K. P. Rao near Padugonigudem village in Gundala mandal.

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