Women in the city are a disenchanted lot. The inordinate delay in implementation of piped cooking gas has left them disappointed.

The piped cooking gas supply promises to make life easy for women in the kitchen. The pollution-free non-stop supply of the gas through pipelines running into kitchens with taps that would release the gas has remained a pipe-dream.

Officials of the Bhagyanagar Gas Limited (BGL) contend that after investing huge money in construction of pipelines and other infrastructural facilities, they are facing shortage of gas. But the district unit of the Aam Admi Party (AAP) has alleged foul game pointing an accusing finger at local gas dealers. “Members of the Vijayawada Gas Dealers’ Association have formed a syndicate to block implementation of the piped cooking gas project. We are determined to break the syndicate,” said AAP district convenor Pothina Rama Rao. He indicated that the gas dealers retain with them a large number of bogus gas cylinders in the domestic quota and make moolah by selling them to commercial establishments.

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