City-dwellers have learnt to think twice before parking their four-wheelers anywhere on the Bandar Road beyond Benz Circle towards Control Room, thanks to the rapidity with which the traffic wing despatches e-challans to their addresses.

The traffic wing of the city police has been regulating the movement of the increasing number of vehicles on the steadily shrinking carriageway.

Jumping traffic signals, over-speeding, gaining entry into one-way routes or overtaking a vehicle from the wrong side are common errors that attract penalties by the regulatory authorities.

But, the issue of ‘wrong parking' has many a vehicle-user befuddled. The experience of motorists on this stretch of Bandar Road is an unusual one, as finding a space to park a four-wheeler is a real challenge.

The VMC and the police wing engage in buck-passing even while the people continue to pay for violation of parking space, which doesn't exist.

There is hardly any space in the narrow lanes and by-lanes abutting the main road and you get a curt admonish by owners of shops or homes against any attempt to park a vehicle there.

When the vehicle is left on the main road, a camera-equipped plain-clothed traffic wing cop captures the ‘parking violation' in his gadget. An e-challan promptly arrives for ‘wrong parking'. Try enquiring with the officials about the ‘right' place for parking, and it emerges that they are as clueless.

‘Solution soon'

“This problem exists on the Bandar Road. We have been repeatedly telling the municipal authorities in vain to provide a parking place for vehicles. We'll take up the issue for discussion with the Commissioner of Police and the municipal officials and find a solution at the earliest,” said ACP (traffic) A. Venkata Ramana.

VMC City Planner R.J. Vidyulatha is categorical in her stand. “We don't have any land available to provide a parking lot.

We expect private persons to rise to the occasion and address the issue. In return, the corporation will offer concessions such as waiver of certain taxes and not insist on setbacks,” she pointed out.

The City Planner insists that the traffic wing must take up the responsibility of creating a parking lot.

“Or else, they can introduce the concept of ‘staggered parking' or ‘off-street' parking to avoid congestion on the main roads,” she suggests.

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