Onion prices have climbed up sharply following heavy rains that hit the transportation facilities. Even as the first phase of panchayat elections is nearing completion, the sharp rise in onions is likely to hit the Government’s reputation badly.

The onions cost Rs.30 per kg on Monday at Rythu Bazaars, compared to Rs.17 on June 12, and it was Rs.21 on July 1.

In retail market it is sold anywhere between Rs.40 and Rs.50. Further increase looks likely with no sign of improvement in transportation facilities in near future.

The vendors expect that the prices were likely to touch Rs.40 a kg. in the Rythu Bazaar. The recent political history shows that onion price rises go against the ruling party. The leaders are worried that it was likely to become a hot political issue.

“Government seems to have not taken a serious view of the price rise and bad days are ahead for it,” feels Prakash Rao, a regular visitor to PWD Rythu Bazaar. The onion prices are riding high on supply squeeze.

The Government should have taken market intervention measures to ease the price rise, he feels.

People use onions as the base and the most essential ingredient for their dishes mostly curries has gone beyond their reach. “I don't understand how prices suddenly skyrocket.

I have to buy at whatever price vendors sells. I can’t buy less just because prices are high,” says Vanaja, a home maker.

PWD Grounds Rythu Bazaar Estate Officer L. Balichakravarthi explains that there was a fall in supplies, but not a steep one. The Bazaar was receiving around 60 to 70 tonnes daily. It would be around 80 tonnes if the arrivals were normal. The situation would ease once transportation facilities were improved, he adds.

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