The city police arrested Karimsetti Satyanarayana, 30, in connection with the alleged kidnap of a two-year-old girl from Tenerpeta in the city on Sunday. The two-year-old girl, Choornika, was allegedly kidnapped from the house of a known person where she was playing as her mother went for buying vegetables.

Mother Kusuma gave custody of the girl to neighbour Y. Bhavani. Satyanarayana came there and asked the girl to be handed over to him as he knew her parents and they wanted him to bring her to them.

While investigating the case, the Two Town police alerted other police stations and within 10 hours they could trace the girl who was in the custody of a good Samaritan trying to find her parents.

They later nabbed Satyanrayana when he was found loitering suspiciously in the area.

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