‘A responsible citizen is sure to inspire several others in society'

The United States, UK, and the Scandinavian countries have achieved the highest growth in all sectors because people there pay taxes without default, according to Income Tax Commissioner K. Ajay Kumar.

Speaking at a meeting of the Rotary Club of Vijayawada here on Friday, Mr. Ajay Kumar opined that the wealth of a country was seen in terms of the number of citizens who pay tax in time.

The Income Tax Commissioner said that the taxes in these countries too were comparatively on the higher side.

He wanted Rotarians to develop an attitude that would make them pay their taxes without default.

Tax paid by people would help the government meet defence, social welfare sector expenditure on health, education and develop infrastructure, Mr. Ajay Kumar said.

Laying of roads, installation of streetlights and provision of drinking water would cost more if citizens themselves take up them on their own.

Wrong notion

It was for this reason the government or the local bodies shoulder these responsibilities, he said and maintained that it all would be possible only if people pay their taxes properly.

He said that people in India had a feeling that their tax amount was being misused and such opinion makes them find ways to avoid taxes. While accepting the fact that corruption was rampant, he sought to advise the Rotarians to shun such feelings and be responsible to society. “A responsible citizen will sure inspire several others and change is possible,” he said.

Club president P. Krishnaji, Rotaract president Bharat Kumar, and secretary K. Chanti Raju were present.

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