Block-printing designer Mary Bergtold Mulcahy, who has been collaborating with Pedana-based artisan Pitchuka Srinivas for Kalamkari designs and art works, opened a shop ‘Les Indiennes’ in Hudson in New York recently.

“Mr. Pitchuka bleaches the textiles in the sun, washes them in the river, beats them against stones to make them soft and boils them. Then he prints them with vegetable dyes,” The New York Times reported in the article – Fabrics put through the wringer – on December 11. The shop sells the fabric as quilts, pillow covers, table cloth apart from many exquisite works, including miscellaneous home accessories.

This is incredible news for the whole rural industry, which is being recognised by customers in many parts of the world nowadays. Growing demand for the art works in European countries is a good sign, that would help increase trade and boost exports from our village, Mr. Srinivas told The Hindu.

“The joy of collaborating with skilled craftsmen and women, the honour of contributing to the support system of families and villages are the rewards that I frankly did not anticipate, but that now have become essential aspects of my work,” said Ms. Mary Mulchahy in her website, www.lesindien

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