A traditional dish known for its nutritional properties, Ragi Sangati can substitute fruit juice and lassi during summer

The famed Rayalaseema Ragi Sangati has made its way to Blazewada. A traditional dish known for its properties to beat the heat, it can stand as a substitute to lemon juice, sugarcane juice, coconut water and lassi during summer.

A mobile stall owner is already making brisk business at Gandhinagar, selling the hot and yummy delicacy. As the clock ticks 12 noon, B. Rama Laxmaiah arrives with his pushcart at Gandhinagar, and within minutes people throng the stall to savour the dish.

Though Rayalaseema Ragi Sangati is quite popular across the State, it was not sold in the city. Ragi Sangati is made from rice, ragi (millet) flour, salt and water. “Many people consume it during summer season, as it is known for its nutritional values. It is recommended by doctors, especially for diabetic and hypertension patients,” says Laxmaiah (52), who is a native of Kadapa but has made Vijayawada his home.

Priced at Rs. 30 a plate, Laxmaiah offers 200 grams of Ragi Sangati mudda (morsel) along with chicken curry and a little bit of curd.

For vegetarians, it is offered with Gongura pickle and curd. It is served hot with chicken curry or Gongura pickle to make it spicy and tastier, he explains.

He set up the stall last month and operates it from 12 noon to 4 p.m. and claims that over 30 plates are sold daily. “It is very tasty, and I relish it everyday. I cannot afford Rs. 70 for meals at mess everyday, and for Rs. 30, Ragi Sangati is well within my budget,” says Mohan Rao, an auto-rickshaw driver.

“The craze for Ragi Sangati is picking up in the city, and I am told there is one more stall in Bhavanipuram, which offers this delicacy,” adds Srinivasa Rao, a businessman at Gandhinagar.

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