Two physicians develop a test which requires saliva of the patient!

Do you want to check if you have diabetes or if the treatment you are undergoing for the disease is effective?

There is no need for you to get pricked by a needle. All that is required is a bit of your saliva.

Two physicians who developed the test and are world authorities on non-invasive tests for diabetes will display this in Vijayawada.

The US-based physicians Charles T. Roberts Jr., and Srinivas R. Nagella, who along with others in India developed a non-invasive test for the detection of a person’s propensity to Type-2 diabetes and the efficacy of a treatment to the disease.

The two physicians have developed a test to detect diabetes from studying the protein structure of saliva. Diabetes – 2012, a two-day symposium being organised by Yalamanchi Diabetes Research Foundation (YDRF), will be addressed by these physicians.

Symposium convener Yalamanchi Sadasiva Rao talking to The Hindu on Thursday said that over 1,000 delegates from all over the country would attend the symposium with the theme “Clinical Research to Practice” to be held at Aahwanam Function Hall, Kanuru, on July 28 and 29. Dr. N.T.R.University of Health Science vice-chancellor I.V. Rao will inaugurate the symposium.

He said that seven international speakers and 45 national speakers would make presentations in the various sessions on Diabetic Foot, advanced technologies in diabetes, special types of diabetes, drug induced ‘Dysglycemia’, complications of diabetes, diabetes and health of women, diabetes in relation to lipids and hypertension and ‘Incretin’ therapies.

The conference will end with a workshop on diabetic foot and “Meet the professors” programme, Dr. Sadasiva Rao said.

He said four oration gold medals would be given away to speakers Dr Roberts Jr., B.K.Sahay and S.Sadikot (he will be receiving two) during the conference.

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