All the four Government Ayurvedic Colleges in Andhra Pradesh will get permission of the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) to make admissions to the Under Graduate courses for 2013-14 academic year.

CCIM member M.L. Naidu, talking to The Hindu, said that admissions were being permitted by the council into the Dr. NRS Government Ayurvedic College, Vijayawada, after a break of two years.

The council did not permit admissions into the Anantha Lakshmi Government Ayurvedic College, Warangal, last year. Ayurvedic colleges at Tirupati and Hyderabad were permitted to make admissions last year and this year too.

Admissions were not permitted into these two colleges because of the ‘shortfalls’ in faculty and facilities.

Dr. Naidu, who was former principal of the Vijayawada Ayurvedic College, said that the CCIM was granting permission to the government colleges due to the special efforts of the State government.

He said the Commissioner of the State Ayush Department and Secretary to Medical Education took a keen interest in resolving problems that had been plaguing the colleges for the past two years.

The Vijayawada Ayurvedic College was short of four professors, three assistant professors, and seven lecturers when the CCIM team came for inspection in April.

The CCIM submitted a report to the Ayush Department asking why it should give permission for admissions.

In response to that, the Ayush Department conducted a hearing for which it summoned the college principal, teaching hospital superintendent, and the Secretary seeking an explanation.

After taking their opinions, the Ayush Department recommended to the council that permission may be granted to the colleges at Vijayawada and Warangal as arrangements had been made to meet the shortfall.

Dr. Naidu said that Vijayawada MP Lagadapati Rajagopal had also taken a keen interest in the issue. He spoke to Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad on Thursday about the issue. The involvement of the MP concerned was essential. Both the MPs concerned with the Warangal college followed up the issue continuously until their college was granted permission.

Dr. Naidu said that efforts were still on to get permission for admissions into the six post-graduate seats at the Vijayawada college. While two professors were required, there was only one available. A request had been made to grant permission to admit half the number of PG seats, that is, at least three, he said.


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