Amid extensive search for the kidnappers of city girl P. Naga Vaishnavi, it is suspected that the same gang that abducted her in 2005 could have resorted to the offence now. They struck this time with a strong motive to take revenge against the girl’s father for “not giving” them any money in the first instance of her abduction though they released her honouring the secret deal at that time.

As suspense continues with no strong clue available till now, the involvement of professional criminals is not ruled out if the cold-blooded murder of car driver and use of variety of vehicles are taken into consideration.

MP offers to mediate

The girl’s family is growing panicky and despondent against this background, even as Machilipatnam MP Konakalla Narayana came forward to mediate for securing the release of Naga Vaishnavi. Offering to maintain secrecy, the TDP MP also gave his phone number “9848012699”, asking respondents to contact him directly if they want to help in this matter.

When Vaishnavi was kidnapped in 2005, the offenders reportedly struck a deal and released her at Tadepalli near here. But for various reasons, girl’s father could not transfer “real money” to the kidnappers.

Describing this as a likely provocation, Mr. Narayana said that the kidnappers seemed bent on settling old scores and recover what they had lost way back in 2005.

“Whatever happened earlier, the family is prepared to do anything for the girl’s release now. I am always available to discuss this,” he told The Hindu.


Mr. Narayana pointed out that Vaishnavi’s father Palagani Prabhakar came out openly offering to pay for her safe return.

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