Activists of the National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW) burnt an effigy of State Government in protest against the various anti-people schemes here on Saturday.

The activists protested against the cash transfer scheme of the Govenrment and demanded that under the subsidy system nine gas cylinders must be provided yearly for each household. NFIW State President P. Durga Bhavani speaking on the occasion and alleged that all these so called welfare schemes were just tricks played by the Government to completely remove the subsidy system in future.

It was impossible to run a household on just six gas cylinders per year, she said. Further all the necessary items were not available under the ration card scheme, she said. Only rice and sugar were being provided, she added.

The prices of essential commodities keep increasing day by day, said the NFIW district President K. Durgamba. The six gas cylinders per year rule by the Government were very impractical, she said.

NFIW City Secretary P. Durgamba, M. Subba Lakshmi, Thammina Durga, Krishna Kumari, Pushpawathi and other members also participated in this protest.

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