Sunshine Spine Centre and M.J. Naidu Hospitals jointly launch ‘My Spine Centre’

The new method, minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS), ensures less damage to the surrounding muscle, less pain and faster recovery after surgery, according to Dr. M.J. Naidu of Naidu Hospitals.

Sunshine Spine Centre director G.P.V. Subbaiah and M.J. Naidu Hospitals head M.J. Naidu jointly inaugurated the new centre for minimally invasive spine surgeries on Friday.

Explaining about the concept, Dr. Naidu said that spine surgeries were traditionally administered as open ones. In MISS there were no long incisions that involve significant damage to the muscles surrounding spine, he said.

The two hospitals have jointly launched ‘My Spine Centre’ here.

Open spine surgery was typically recommended only when non-surgical treatment — medication and physiotherapy — did not relieve pain and doctors were able to pinpoint exact source of pain.

MISS, however, is being used for a wider range of spinal procedures and some common procedures like decompression and spinal fusion.

In decompression, a portion of the bone was removed and in spinal fusion small bones (vertebrae) of the spine were fused.

The centre was being established to provide all medical services to the patients, Dr Naidu said.

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