“If my driving is rash and negligent or if you want to give any feedback about my driving, please call this number.”

These or similar words will soon be visible on the rear side of auto-rickshaws in the city, if a few joint proposals of the police and the transport department to instil discipline and accountability in three-wheeler drivers materialise.

Deputy Transport Commissioner (DTC) T. Raghunath has told The Hindu that it is also being contemplated to replicate the system that is being implemented in Bangalore, where all the details of the auto-rickshaw driver appear on a board on the back of the driver. The displayed data, such as the name, address, contact number and so on, will be useful for the passengers as well as the police, he says.

“For the first time in our State, we wish to launch the Bangalore model for auto-rickshaws here in the city. The new system, where complete information about the driver will be visible for the passengers, will be helpful for everyone,” says Mr. Raghunath.

Commissioner of Police P.S.R. Anjaneyulu says that initially the system of displaying the vehicle owner's contact number will be implemented, as drivers could change frequently especially in the case of hired vehicles. “The system of displaying the phone number will be useful in investigating any kind of incident and we plan to enforce it in the city,” he says.

RTA classes

The RTA authorities also plan to crack down on negligent and rash driving or driving without a valid licence, by conducting classes for auto-rickshaw drivers regularly. Mr. Raghunath says that inspection of auto-rickshaws frequently to check use of music systems and implementation of traffic rules firmly will be taken up for now. In the coming days, the new rules will help monitor auto-rickshaws more effectively, he feels.

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