Performance of 10th Battalion is good, says Director-General

The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) is planning to set up Regional Response Centres (RRCs) to expand its activities, NDRF Director-General of Police P.M. Nair has said.

Speaking to newsmen here on Thursday, he said a total of 1,149 personnel were working in the 10th Battalion in Guntur district. The battalion was divided into six companies and were deputed at Patamata and Ajit Singh Nagar in Vijayawada.

Forces were also posted at Mangalagiri, Acharya Nagarjuna University (ANU) campus and in Guntur.

To take up rescue and relief operations in industrial areas, the NDRF was proposing to set up one company at Hyderabad and one at Bangalore, said Mr. Nair.

Nature of duties

The duties of NDRF are to perform rescue operations during building collapses, floods, tsunami, storms, chemical disasters, and natural disasters. The performance of the 10th Battalion was good and had so far saved the lives of 14 persons in various incidents.

“The Government of India is proposing to install two more battalions at Haridwar and Mysore. The government will soon provide permanent office, quarters, and other facilities for NDRF police in Guntur district,” said the DG.

Asked about the poor knowledge among the bureaucrats and public about the NDRF, Mr. Nair said the teams were organising coordination programmes at different places in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Instructions were given to the officers to arrange coordination meetings with officials of various departments.

Mock operation

The NDRF Director-General witnessed the mock operations performed by the police in the Krishna. The police exhibited a show on ‘Man Made Disaster’ and executed the operation on how to rescue the victims during a boat accident.

“A boat, which was crowded, overturned due to the negligence of the sarangu (driver), and a few persons fell into the water.

The NDRF personnel jumped into the water with life-saving kits, rescued the victims, and saved their lives. The police performed the operation well,” said the DG.

Central Reserve Protection Force (CRPF) Southern Sector IGP N.R.K. Reddy, NDRF second-in-Commandant Sanjay Kumar, Deputy Commandant Kuldeep Singh, team commanders Rajesh Tiwari and Balraj Singh, and assistant commandant Subeesh Kumar were present.

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