‘India must concentrate on infrastructure, quality products’

Healthy competition between India and China to grab the fruits of globalisation has brought remarkable changes in infrastructure, IT enabled services and production and manufacturing segments. But to overcome this ‘dragon’, India must concentrate on better infrastructure, quality products, and quality education,” said former IT Advisor to Andhra Pradesh Government T. Hanuman Chowdary, on Tuesday. He was addressing students at MVR College of Engineering and Technology at Paritala at the “MVR Technotsav 2K13”. He said Indian traditions and customs had been embraced by many countries to build a healthy society. Citing the Romans, he said India was the gateway to trade and Roman traders believed that one fourth of the world’s wealth was in India.

“The value of zero and number of days per year were invented by Indians thousands of years ago. Indian scholars like Aryabhata, Bhaskara’s research work became inspiration to the whole world,” he said, adding “but foreign invasions and colonisation ruined India’s glory and even long after Independence, we struggle to attain self-sufficiency, because of the economic crisis and division of the country.” Referring to the several boons of globalisation, he pointed to the fact that it had provided enormous opportunities to Indian engineering students to move out of the country and find better employment, which helped many families to attain financial stability. “Students must be equipped with good communication skills, core skills and soft skills to face international competition,” he said.

Expressing grave concern over growing corruption, he attributed it to erosion of moral values. “One must read books like Ramayana and Mahabharata to inculcate moral values,” he said. He said use of technology must be for a healthy purpose. Students must use Facebook, Twitter and other electronic media to share views and utilise their voting power to elect good representatives.

Principal K. V. Sambhasiva Rao said the 21st century belonged to Indian technocrats. They should develop positive thinking and convert their weakness into strengths.Chairman M. Srinivas Babu said students must be disciplined and dedicated to their work. The event convenor and Head of the CSE department K. Sridhar said over 1,500 students attended the first day of the fest.

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