Saeed Ahmed, Principal of Arabic College, Pedana, on Tuesday said that according to the teachings of Prophet Mohammed and Islam, every man and woman must educate oneself.

Speaking as the chief guest at the 24th anniversary celebrations of Jamia Iqra School in Chittinagar, Dr. Ahmed said Islam envisaged utilisation of education for the well-being of mankind.

Pointing out that the Muslim community was lagging behind in the education sector, he said especially women needed to realise the importance of education.

Only 4 per cent of women in the community opted for education. The Government must realise it and take special interest in encouraging people from this community to prosper in education sector.

Maulana Abid Hussain of Dar-ul-Uloom, Ibrahimpatnam, said women had a vital role to play in ushering in a social change.

The Jamia Iqra school Principal Abdul Rahman read out the annual report and said that by next academic year, the institution intended to open a residential school of international standards.

He said from next academic year, boys in the school would be offered a 12-year Madarsa course and at the end of the course, the student would be given a cash incentive of Rs. 50,000. Interested parents could contact phone no. 96189-53802.

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