He is known to all as Mr. Greenfingers. Any crop or vegetable he cultivates grows in abundance. A farmer by birth Goriparthi Narasimha Raju Yadav has been creating wonders in his native village of Guduru in Krishna district.

When he cultivates paddy he gets record yields. When he grows fruits or vegetables they grow to a massive size.

The Government of India has recognised his special skills and talents and conferred upon him the Padmasri Award. Other awards are dime a dozen for him.

The top half of his letter head is filled with some of the other awards given to him and also the number of important committees he was a member of. But Mr Yadav is in the news again for the record-breaking horsegram creeper with more then 10,000 branches. To show the amazing size of the plant, Mr Yadav, who is himself a six-footer is seen holding it up in a picture taken as proof. He has offered a prize of Rs 10 lakh to anyone with such a horsegram plant. He claims that he did not grow the plant with fertiliser of any kind or spray it with pesticide.

The plant was not even watered since its germination, he asserted.

Joint Director of Agriculture K.V.S.Prasad and Deputy Director Nayak were among those were astonished by the size of the plant.

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