Relentless efforts by the Indian Migrants Rights & Welfare Forum (IMRWF) , represented by its president Kotapati Narsimham Naidu have resulted in the return of 20 more migrants who were subjected to suffering in the Gulf countries.

On Saturday morning, a group of 20 migrants who were granted amnesty in the United Arab Emirates flew back home, to Andhra Pradesh because the Forum facilitated their flight tickets.

In a press release, Naidu said he left for Dubai on February 10 and found there were about 200 Indians who needed help to return to their native places.

In the first lot, 14 such persons flew in to Hyderabad on Monday.

This is the second group that returned to A.P. Mr. Naidu said 71 of these people belonged to A.P. and before February 20, all of them would be safely back home. With the help of several voluntary agencies and cultural associations, he has been able to facilitate the return of these poor people who had gone to the Gulf a few years ago and found themselves labelled ‘illegal migrants’.

Mr. Naidu is also the Central Working Committee of the Swadeshi Jagaran Manch (SJM).

He said that with the large-heartedness of Indians, especially Telugu people who were established in the Gulf, they were able to pool in the resources required to get these homeward migrants a safe passage.

Warm welcome

On their return, the 20 migrants were given a warm welcome by members of the SJM’s Hyderabad unit.