The elected representatives, who attended the World Telugu Conference (WTC) district committee meeting, chose to play spoilsport instead of giving any constructive suggestions.

While the Opposition MLAs Tangirala Prabhakar and Dasari Balavardhana Rao preferred to display their prowess in Telugu language, the Congress MLAs Vellampalli Srinivas and Malladi Vishnu decorated the dais for a while and quietly left after some of the non-officials hijacked the meeting to speak about the greatness of Telugu language and how it was being destroyed.

But, it was the Nandigama MLA who dealt the hardest blow to the district administration and the State government.

He said it was most unfortunate that even the document outlining the duties and responsibilities of the district committees formed to conduct programmes as a prelude to the WTC was full of English words.

He added that the English word ‘Committee’ was used in the document over a dozen times.

English words

Other English words such as convenor, in-charge, revenue, division, sticker, poster, quiz, exhibition and Collector were used though many had Telugu equivalents.

Minister for Secondary Education Kolusu Parthasarathy, however, sat through the meeting with tremendous patience.

The Minister making an oblique reference to the prowess of the TDP MLAs said he felt ashamed after witnessing their knowledge of Telugu.

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