Grooming is no longer confined to a quick shave, slapping after-shave or getting a haircut. Men in Vijayawada are slowly stepping into salons for facial, de-tanning, scrubs and skin-lightening treatments.

Call it a necessity or influence of male grooming product advertisements, men are now hitting the salons for grooming. No matter on a Sunday or any weekday, walk into any salons – be it a corporate salon or the one on the roadside, this trend seems to be fast catching up among men in the city.

Earlier, men used to visit salons for facial treatments or scrubs only when they had to attend a function. This is passé. Men now turn up at salons regularly for haircut, facial, skin treatments and even manicure at times, says A. Annapurna, manager, Bubbles Hair and Beauty Salon.

“Many men follow the internet for different grooming methods and request for similar services. We are also forced to keep ourselves updated,” says Annapurna.

Budget is no restriction. Men don’t mind spending on facial and skin-lightening treatments. Depending on the service and infrastructure, salons charge Rs. 150 to 300 for haircut, Rs. 1,200 to Rs. 2,500 for facial and Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 3,500 for de-tanning treatments.

For most men, it is the necessity to retain their skin tone that makes them visit salons. Working under the scorching heat in the city, most men, especially sales executives working with corporate companies and individual businessmen, tend to get tanned. This apart, youngsters, too, are keen on how they look and to make a style statement, explains P. Raja Sekhar of Patnala’s Salon.

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