Majority of the land is being diverted to the production of bricks in tail-end areas or where farmers are keen to turn into entrepreneurs on their own land

Thousands of hectares of land has been converted to brick kilns in the upland areas of Krishna district in order to meet the growing demand for bricks with construction activity likely to witness a boom in coming months.

Majority of the land is diverted for the production of bricks in either tail-end areas which has an existing irrigation canal system or an area where farmers are keen to turn into entrepreneurs on their own land.

The use of agricultural land for non-agricultural activity is on the rise in Krishna district. It is learnt that aquaculture is extensively in practice in thousands of acres of fertile land along the coastline in Krishna-Godavari basin. Farmers, who own land surrounding the major towns in the district, are venturing into the business of bricks, predicting boost in construction activity following the division of Andhra Pradesh. Along with riverbed sand, brick is one of the major materials needed for the construction industry.

“There is less risk involved in this business. Moreover, demand is high and we are ensured of good returns. Unlike agriculture, the production of brick has no season, except in rainy days,” say farmers- turned-kiln owners in Machilipatnam. Except wages, the process of production of brick requires less input cost for low risk of returns. Eastern part of the Krishna district has become a hub for brick kilns.

Many businessmen involved in the industry feel that kiln business will prosper as agriculture looked uncertain owing to many factors like weather, debts and natural calamities.

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