Students should concentrate more on gaining knowledge and a grasp over the concepts instead of just scoring marks in examinations, said psychiatrist Vishal Reddy.

At a special seminar “Art of Parenting”, organised at the Bloomingdale Playschool and Kindergarten on Thursday, he explained about the various scientific methods to gauge the intelligence levels of a student.

“Getting good marks is not a sign of intelligence,” said Dr. Vishal Reddy. Language, communication skills, technical skills, logical skills and inter-personal skills were a sign of intelligence, he said. One must always learn how to adapt to the changing situations, he said. The left side of the brain was used for logical and language skills while the right side of the brain used for creativity and abstract thinking, he told the parents of the tiny-toddlers. It was high time to update the curriculums in schools to suit the needs of the present day, he opined.

Parents should try to spend more time with their children to increase the bonds between different members of the family, he said. Parents must always ensure that they punish for the mistakes of the children but at the same time not forget to reward good behaviour, he said.

In the interactive session that followed he advised anxious parents to opt for counselling in case of out of control children.

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