Cases booked against 205 establishments by the Labour Department, 280 boards replaced

Even as the State is preparing to celebrate ‘World Telugu Conference’ and the AP State Official Language Commission is stressing on the need for use of mother tongue, the name boards of Government departments are still seen in English in Krishna District.

Majority sign boards are in English and only a few in Telugu language.

Labour Department officials said that they did not have control over the shops, which run without employees.

As per the AP Shops and Establishments (APSE) Act, 1988 and Rule 29 (13), 1990, all the establishment owners should mention the name boards in Telugu only. The Labour Department officials are duty-bound to implementing the Act.

GO suppresses Telugu

But, a couple of years ago, Government issued a GO giving exemption from the Act to the shops which do not have employees. Officials said that they cannot enforce the APSE Rules and Act, as the establishments will not come under their purview.

Speaking to The Hindu a Telugu pundit of a Government School preferring anonymity questioned as to how the AP State Official Language Commission promote Telugu language, if GOs are issued giving exemption from the Act.

“Even the shops which engaged employees are evading registration on the pretext of new GO and the workers do not get wages even under Minimum Wages Act”, said the teacher.

Lakhs of establishments are running in Krishna District, but only 12,000 shops are covered under the APSE Act.

The Government had tied their hands by releasing the new GO, said a Labour Department officer.

Krishna District Deputy Commissioner of Labour S.Y. Srinivas said that to promote Telugu language the staff conducted raids in the last two days and booked cases against 205 establishment owners.

“Shops which are having workers, schools and colleges, hospitals, cinema theatres, hotels and restaurants and other establishments will come under the APSE Act. The Labour Officers visited 4,887 shops in Krishna District and replaced 280 name boards with those in Telugu language”, said Mr. Srinivas.

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