ABVP activists seek ban on Valentine’s Day celebrations

“When love is not madness, it is not real love,” insist diehard romantics, who have been eagerly waiting through the year to break into Valentine’s Day celebrations.

The world celebrated love in its myriad hues on Valentine’s Day on Thursday, but the city witnessed vehement protests by groups and organisations opposed to what they called a “decadent culture imported from the West.”

Young hearts fluttered and lovebirds craved for moments of togetherness on this ‘special’ day. But many dreams were shattered when members of right wing fanned out in every nook and cranny, standing guard at places ‘vulnerable’ to lovers’ throng.

Leaving desperate souls disenchanted without intimacy, activists of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha targeted the Rajiv Gandhi Park, which has been transformed more or less into a lovers’ paradise in the recent years. Holding banners which read “Quit Valentine’s Day”, the protesters raised slogans and pooh-poohed attempts to ape the western culture.

Opposing tooth and nail public display of emotions between partners, they said youngsters were falling easy prey to ‘infatuations’ that ruined several lives. Yuva Morcha State leaders Ch. Rajanikanth and K. Subramanyam spoke.

Seeking a ban on Valentine’s Day celebrations, activists of the ABVP burnt the effigy of St. Valentine at the bustling junction near Nirmala High School. The demonstrators came to the centre in a rally carrying the effigy from Siddhartha Arts College at Mogulrajpuram.

Parishad’s national executive committee member Siva Kumar argued that when St. Valentine was in no way connected to Indian culture. Young inmates of Sri Shirdi Saibaba Anada Ashram (orphanage) at Kedareswarpet near railway station contributed their mite in portraying what the world calls ‘Lovers’ Day”, as a day of reckoning for lovers.

Citing the case of a young mother of two children, jilted by her crazy lover-turned-spouse immediately after she gave birth to their second child, the orphan boys walked through streets holding banners, which warned youngsters against walking into the love trap.

“Love or Deception?” read a banner, while another spoke about the aftermath of a love marriage.

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