Lok Satta Party founder president Jayaprakash Narayan is not averse to tying up with the proposed political party by actor Pawan Kalyan or the actor joining his party, for the coming general elections. “Alliance between parties is a happening thing and we would join any political party, be it from the existing ones or the new ones, as long as there is an ideological match,” he said and added that it was too early to speculate anything, “We have made our intentions clear and it is now up to the parties to think and get back and it was not Pawan Kalyan alone,” he said.

Mr. Jayaprakash was here on Sunday to address a meeting organised by the Autonagar Technician Association and spoke to the media after the meeting.

He was candid enough to agree that the time has come to expand the party and it had been difficult to shoulder the responsibility alone for the past 18 years. ‘We want young blood, who shares our ideology,” he said.

On the tie-up with Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), he said, “Yes our ideologies stand close, but AAP seems to be a party without a clear vision and mature thinking. As of now we have no intentions to share a common platform.”

On why AAP could succeed in Delhi, within a few months of its launch, but the Lok Satta movement despite being in the scene for over 18 years was unable to really make it big, he said there was a huge difference between the electorates of Delhi and Andhra Pradesh. “The fabric is completely different. Delhi is more urbane and the GDP of the people of Delhi is thrice that of AP. There is a huge difference in the social climate also,” said Mr. Jayaprakash. He also added that media played a huge role in catapulting AAP into the limelight, and which was not the same in AP. “Almost every regional newspaper or channel is either owned or affiliated to a political family and in their scheme of things ‘JP’ finds a small place,” he alleged.