Youths try their luck in fishing in three canals traversing through Vijayawada

The three canals traversing through the city become much sough after places for small enthusiastic groups after every spell of downpour.

The local lads throng the bridges passing across these canals to try their luck in fishing. Not that all of them have technical skills of how to bait a hook and find a catch, but they simply go about finding the fish by casting their nets.

Watching them repeat the act, one almost instantly realises that to be successful, you have to keep putting your line in the water. While you are trolling for fish, you are not likely to succeed in the first attempt. To lay your hands on a big catch (read success), you need to make multiple attempts.

Some of them use hooks with barbs that hold the fish and do not come out easily when the fish is hooked. There are times when they fish hard and don’t catch anything. While at others, a small effort can get the fisher his catch. The best part is that fear of failure does not deter them from trying it again. Perhaps because they know that if they are not failing, they are not really fishing.

The Kurmaiah Bridge across Ryve’s canal connecting to Sambamurthy Road beckons local lads to cast their nets for a catch after rains that increase the water level in the canal. Alluri Seetaramaraju Bridge near Chuttugunta is yet another destination where the passers-by are called out by local vendors sitting with small heaps of fish caught from the canal waters. Interestingly, it does not take too long for the vendors to find buyers who are mostly residents in the vicinity. It is more or less a win-win situation for both vendors and buyers. For the former, any money is good money earned through zero investment, while the latter also do not pin very high expectations on the freshly-caught fish which comes for reasonable price.

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