The High Court judge cautions against the alarming decline in sex ratio

Andhra Pradesh High Court Judge B. Chandra Kumar on Friday condemned in strong terms instances of female foeticide.

“Every child comes into this world with a purpose. Nature has set in place certain norms. There is an arrangement in nature, a very beautiful arrangement which includes 12-hour day, 12-hour night, lakes, rivers and mountains. We are nobody to disturb this arrangement,” he said addressing a symposium on “Pre-Natal Diagnosis of Sex Determination Act,” organised by Rotary Club of Vijayawada East.

He said that by tampering with nature’s laws, man was digging his own grave. “We are making holes in the ship we are travelling in,” he added.

“Human race makes claims of having achieved rapid progress in science and technology but we continue to lag behind when it comes to human values,” he lamented. Referring to the alarming decline in sex ratio, he said it is a dangerous trend and people should understand its serious repercussions. “In future, boys will not find girls to marry,” he cautioned.

Human greed and self-centred approach were at the root of the problem, he said. To drive home his point that the fairer sex had been made an easy target of atrocities from time immemorial, he cited the examples of wars between ancient rulers. “Regardless of the conqueror, women always were the first victims,” he pointed out.

‘Be true to yourself’

“Our present is a reflection of things we carried out in the past and the future will depend on our present. We must understand this and behave accordingly,” he said.

Justice Chandra Kumar strongly condemned what he called ‘commodification’ of women, especially by the media.

Speaking about discrimination against the girl child, he pointed out that it takes both man and woman to take the human race forward.

“Be true to yourself, listen to what your heart says. Remember that your bad deeds will never let you rest in peace. As you sow, so shall you reap,” he said amid applause.

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