Corruption charges levelled against former CPI mayor T.Venkateswara Rao were condemned by the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

Addressing a press conference on Monday CPI(M) city secretary Ch. Babu Rao and CPI city secretary Donepudi Sankar said Left parties were ready to take up the Congress challenge for a open debate on the development of the city. He said there was nothing worse than the corruption charges made by the Congress leaders against Mr Venkateswara Rao.

Mr Babu Rao said the Left parties would come with the evidences required to prove the corruption of the Congress leaders to the public debate. Mr Babu Rao said the city had gone to the dogs during the rule of the Congress party. The Congress party should desist from trying to mislead the public by slinging mud on the left parties.

The Congress was in power directly from 2005 to 2010 and indirectly through the special officer for another two years. Instead of spending Rs 1,400 crore in the seven-year period under the JNNURM scheme the Congress managed to spend just Rs. 800 crore. The drains and roads that have been dug up were in such a horrible condition that everything gets inundated even for the slightest of the rains. The people were suffering severely due to poor roads and drains, but the ruling Congress was only interested in collecting taxes on garbage, water tax, property tax and fixing water meters.

The State government was going to put a huge burden of Rs.12,000 crores on consumers who were using power. Never in the history of the State was such a huge and unbearable burden dumped on the backs of the customers, he said.

Mr Babu Rao said the Left parties were ready for a public debate on the development of the city at any time and any place.

Mr Sankar said the development of the city in the rule of the Left parties and during Congress rule was there for the public to see. He said it was the Congress party that institutionalised corruption in the municipal corporation.